We Are All Victims, Suspects and Witnesses When It Comes To Love

That five year old girl may not have encountered love by a love interest or some guy from school, but she has definitely felt the parental love from her parents. And if she has siblings, she is definitely a victim to love. What I imply by being a victim to is not loving even in discord or in a chaos. You are a victim to love because you have been shown love or shown love in the past or presently. We all know how it feels. We have all felt it. Sometimes we even bring out the extremist in us for the ones we love. We go extreme length to make sure that the ones we love do not get sad or lack. Even that five year could give up her favorite dress for her sister. That’s us being a victim to love.

Being a victim to love could also mean you sticking to suffer because of the love you feel for someone or some people. At one point in our lives, we’ve all been in this kind of situation. We have all for once or a couple of times risked our lives for the ones we love. It is the toxic kind of love. And in most cases, the love is lopsided. The lover is mostly being oppressed and maltreated by the loved. It is danger zone.

Have you ever been a suspect when it comes to love? In every investigation going on, there is always a suspect. In this case, love is the crime and you have once been the suspect. You had been suspected for loving in the past. You know that one girl or guy you get all goofy around, he or she would make you commit the crime of loving. Then, once you commit the crime, you’d become the suspect. Feel free to talk to me, you can relate with the analogy.

There is no escape on this zone, no hideout or blind spot. We have all encountered this one. Remember your mother’s embrace when you were younger. Remember when your mum birthed your younger sister. Make a reminiscence of how you all rejoiced when the doctor came and said, “It’s a girl.”  Remember how you caressed and little fingers with so much love in your eyes. Remember the first girl you wrote a love letter to. Remember how you both strolled the garden together with your hands interlocked. Although, you had to part ways, you knew it was love.

Remember when you met Phoebe, it was at the library. She later became your best friend. You knew how much she cherished your friendship.  You spent moments and moments together filled with love. You fought sometimes, but you could tell that love ordered your friendship.

Deliver Charity Love Post
Deliver Charity Love Post

Love is all over you. You are a witness. I think what you should always focus on the ones who love you rather than the ones who do not admire your being. You are loved. Love too.

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