Anybody Can Be Beautiful Once They Believe in Themselves

Beauty has a different meaning to different people, although the majority of people associate beauty with physical appearance alone. Beauty is more than that and we are all beautiful just the way we are. There is something that makes everyone beautiful in their way it is left for you to figure it out and reflect your true beauty.

Let me start with the story of a young girl, very beautiful, intelligent, vibrant, and full of life. She is aware of her physical appearance and she believes indeed that she is beautiful, she has a beautiful image of what the future holds, and like every girl’s dream, and she has pictured how beautiful her life will be: graduating college, finding true love and pictured how beautiful she will look in her wedding dress.

When she least expected, an unfortunate incident happened, she was in a fire. The fire took everyone else in it except her. However, she suffered a third-degree burn from her scalp down to her feet. Recovery was hard and was so scared to see what she now looks like. She decided to face her fears one day, she decided to see her new look through the mirror. Yes! Her look wasn’t what it used to be, she could see scars all over her body but one thing she noticed was her eyes, it still reflects the beauty in her soul. She said to herself “nothing is going to stop me from being beautiful, not even the scars! She went for her dreams and believed so much in herself. She realized beauty is more than the surface and also get to realize that she is the only one that can determine how beautiful she is.

She was able to achieve this because of her confidence, she didn’t let the scars determine how beautiful she is, but instead, she realized she is still that beautiful girl she was before the accident and nothing changes that. Being beautiful starts with you, and when I say you I mean it!

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How to Identify How Beautiful You Are

# Independence

The only barrier between many people and realizing how beautiful they are is the fact that they are dependent on others to validate their beauty. The first step to realizing how beautiful you are is independence. You need to be independent especially when it comes to your self-esteem and mental well-being, you don’t need someone to tell you how beautiful you are, neither do you need another person’s approval to determine your beauty. Often most people seek validation from others before they can believe they are truly beautiful and when they don’t get this validation they believe they are not beautiful enough. Only you should be in control and believe you are truly beautiful. Once you are independent enough to believe you are beautiful, you will carry yourself gracefully then people will get to see how truly beautiful you truly are.

# Being Beautiful Is Subjective                          

There is a popular saying that goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Why not be the “beholder” here. You should be the one to believe in your beauty. I understand this might not be an easy task especially if you have a contrary opinion. But I will advise you to let yourself heal by trusting in the truth, which is your beauty. The truth is no matter how beautiful someone is there will always be someone that doesn’t see how beautiful they are, so there will always be someone that can’t recognize your genuine beauty and this shouldn’t bother you. Beauty is subjective; yet, do you believe that believing you are unattractive benefits you? Try to have a different opinion, and see the good feelings and emotions that come with believing you are beautiful.

# Confidence

This is the most powerful key to realizing how beautiful you are. It is one thing to believe you are beautiful and it is another thing to confidently reflect your beauty. It is time to show off your beauty! There may be some specific parts of your body you are feeling insecure about, let me tell you a secret almost everybody does. You might feel “my nose is too big, I don’t have that perfect leg, or my facial appearance is not as perfect as my friends”. However, almost everybody does, but take time to identify the parts of your body you feel are equally beautiful.

After doing this, it is time to put confidence in action but not just to the part you feel secure about, but also to the parts you consider as flaws. Carry yourself with grace especially the parts you feel are not perfect, be in control and show the world you are beautiful. The confidence might be fake in the beginning, but the more you do it the more you learn and get used to it with time.

# Hard Work

One way to also identify and believe you are beautiful is hard work, we all need to take care of her body. When you take care of your body it makes you feel beautiful. You can take care of your body can eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, and using products that will enhance your beauty. Working hard towards your body in the right direction will not just make you feel beautiful but also happy and always remember a happy soul is a beautiful soul.

# Say It Out Loud

You can never believe how truly beautiful you are until you remind yourself of the fact daily. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself “I am beautiful” if you don’t appreciate your beauty nobody is ever going to do it. Appreciate your beauty daily and the more you do that. The more you will realize how beautiful you are.

Remember believing you are beautiful starts and ends with you alone, never give room for other people to make you feel you are not beautiful enough because you are beautiful just the way you are! Our mission remains “Developing, Inspiring, and Empowering Communities for Economic Future”


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