7 Reasons Other Opinions of You Don’t Matter

Are you the type that care what people think or say about you? Do you value other people’s opinions more than yours? How many times has other people’s opinions of you stopped you from being you?

Anybody Can Be Beautiful Once They Believe in Themselves

Beauty has a different meaning to different people, although the majority of people associate beauty with physical appearance alone. Beauty is more than that and we are all beautiful just the way we are. There is something that makes everyone beautiful in their way it is left for you to figure it out and reflect your true beauty.

We Are All Victims, Suspects and Witnesses When It Comes To Love

That five year old girl may not have encountered love by a love interest or some guy from school, but she has definitely felt the parental love from her parents. And if she has siblings, she is definitely a victim to love. What I imply by being a victim to is not loving even in […]