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Acts of Kindness Program

In social psychology, reciprocity is a social norm of responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions. As a social construct, reciprocity means that in response to friendly actions, people are frequently much nicer and more cooperative than predicted by the self-interest model; conversely, in response to hostile actions, they are frequently much nastier and even brutal.

The guiding ideology behind the program is “Kill them with Kindness”. There are so many families and communities in South Florida, that live paycheck to paycheck and face financial distress on a daily basis. For these communities, one act of kindness can empower them to overcome obstacles and deal with their unpredictable situation in life.

Deliverance Charities, through the Act of Kindness program, wants to popularize and demonstrate how absolute kindness can go a long way in empowering communities. Every act under the program has to adhere to the strict guidelines of the mission and none of the acts are announced ahead of time or even made public. Each act is digitally recorded and shared with the public through social media. This would promote and motivate others in the greater community to identify and come forward to help the individuals and families in the low-income communities.

Watch our 1st Act of Kindness, giving to Sunland Park Elementary

Rebuild Program

The Rebuild Program will provide in-depth developmental resources; such as paid education, life skill courses and job placement resources that will help gear every individual to self-sufficiency. The program will establish partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and social workers on the advancement of economic development through enlisting guidance advisors who then will refer low-income families to the Rebuild Program. Throughout this duration of the Rebuild Program, an individual will undergo a step-by-step course that will allow them to actively become involved in establishing total and complete independence. Each month the client will engage in meetings to track and target areas of progress and performance levels. After an education completion and license certification, the client will work with an employment agency to gain employment in their related career field.

The program has several key stages in the client development process, and a client has to go through all of the stages, from the entry stage to the graduation stage, before they are placed with an employment agency. A performance appraisal of the program's progress is undertaken thrice – at the time of client enrollment, during the program, and after graduation. There are monthly meetings to track the educational progress, after which a client becomes licensed and certified. An employment agency helps search for a suitable job for the clients at the end of the process. It is a key final step in ensuring the financial independence of an individual or household after completing the program.


Referral Entry Stage

A local community partner refers a possible client to the program. Our Guidance Advisor will have the information about the possible client and their written response about their approval, explaining why they are recommending them.

Clearance Report Stage

Clearance is an evaluation entry interview process, all possible clients will be vetted before entering the program, profile documentation, criminal background check, all public court records, drug screening and previous programs. It includes a morale questionnaire for understanding of living situations, financial status, children, mental status and future goals.

Welcoming a business partner

Personal Documentation Stage

Most of the perspective clients have lost many documents, like a birth certificate, social security card, passport and even state ID. We ensure and help client get all necessary documents, as for registration and apply for school and employment, its necessary.

Career Enrollment Stage

Clients will talk about their talents, skilled sets and career options. Client will have a chance to interview someone related to their career field and begin steps enrolling into technical college or take training courses.

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Withdraw Stage

A monthly discussion with the Active Support System (Guidance Advisor and Guidance Assistant) and the client to overview psychologically about the transition from their previous conditions to now, meetings is to keep update with client activities, also to lessen the aid from the Active Support System as time passes towards the Graduation of the Rebuild Program, progressing to self-reliance.

Progression Stage

Clients will be tested randomly on their independence. A motivational speaker, life coach or an incentive weekend trip is expected to encourage the client on consistency practices. Client will build out a 5-year plan after graduation of the Rebuild Program.

Life Coach Training

Graduation Stage

Within 90 days after school completion, clients will take all mandatory exams to be license/certify, client will be encouraged to take additional certifications if possible, to have more skill sets listed on their resume, client will attend a resume and interview training workshop and a selected Employment Agency will work with the client to be employed in their career field as a completion of the Rebuild Program.