About Us

Our Mission

Developing, Inspiring & Empowering Communities for the Economic Future.

Who we are

Deliverance Charities is a U.S.- based nonprofit organization dedicated to influencing and encouraging people and families living in poverty by focusing on their financial well-being. At Deliverance Charities, we empower, inspire, and develop the economic future of individuals and low-income households in the South Florida area. We are active in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County in Florida. We operate two programs: the Acts of Kindness program and the Rebuild program, both of which support the millions of working families whose income cannot meet their basic household needs.


Vision Statement

Deliverance Charities works with the vision to eradicate poverty while focusing on family development. The non-profit strives towards equal economic opportunities for individuals from low-income families by training and mentorship and for families to have good parenting skills that give them the space to make more informed decisions and identify opportunities.

Why do we do it

Poverty is an individual's inability to have opportunities and choices due to low income. It includes the inability to acquire basic goods and services, low education, poor health, physical insecurity. Poverty-stricken individuals lack a voice, water and sanitation infrastructure, and opportunities to improve their quality of life. An unbalanced economy means an unstable ecosystem brought about by income inequality, the growing skills gap, and job polarization.

Deliverance Charities is focused on family development by encouraging families to work together to develop parenting skills. Coaching and educational guidance towards financial stability of these families and individuals will help them move from low to middle-income classes. Deliverance Charities stabilizes these households by addressing basic humans needs, including food, education, water, work, and housing. When this assistance touches one individual's life, it creates a ripple effect in which they want to reciprocate the feeling they had on another individual, helping another household.

At Deliverance Charities, we believe there is an unequal ratio between new demand in the economic workforce versus skilled workers. The minimum wage is too low across many family types to cover basic requirements, and when jobs do not pay enough, underemployed individuals seek programs to meet these needs. Deliverance Charities goes a long way in supporting many working families living in poverty because, as its main aim is to help them improve their circumstances.

Who Benefits?

Deliverance Charities is proud to be an economic resource engine for the South Florida community. There are 4 main beneficiaries during and after a client completing the Rebuild Program; employers, local community, the city and the client.

To Employers

Higher Productivity, Reduced Turnover Costs, More-Skilled Employees, More Active Consumers

To the Community

One Less Family to Poverty, More Active Involvement, Community Engagement Raises, Less Crime

To the City

More Tax Revenue, More Homeownership, Productive Citizens

To the Client

Self-Sufficient Provider, Financial Stability, Career Minded, Increased Skills, Higher Wages

The Leadership Team

Ruth M Auguste

Board Chairman

Sharhonda Jones

Vice Chairman

Marlene Joesph

Board Director

Fanes Ferdinand


Debbie Desravines

Senior Vice President

Nancy Lacroix

Vice President