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Be the most Inspiring, Empowering Figure the Community has ever seen.

We all search to have a positive, inspiring, and empowering impact on the world. Deliverance Charities is the avenue to make that dream a reality. A simple contribution can leave an enlightening, brilliant footprint on a community in need. One that they’ll never forget.


Deliverance Charities strives to develop, inspire and empower the economic future by helping families gain a better education status, learn everyday-life skills on parenting and financial lessons, and achieve their dreams. Shaping an economic future for those less fortunate is the key to eradicating widespread poverty. When you contribute to Deliverance Charities, trust that you will help bring the change that countless communities desire. See your simple donations work to bring the most promising investment you’ll ever make in your life.

People of different races hold hands as they gather on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge in Charleston, June 21, 2015, after the first service at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church since a mass shooting left nine people dead. Hundreds of people packed the sweltering Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston for an emotional memorial service on Sunday just days after a gunman, identified by authorities as Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white man, shot dead nine black church members.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri - RTX1HIO6

Why contribute to our ground-breaking programs?

Deliverance Charities began with a passion for ensuring that all contributions to our cause reach the right hands. We developed two transformational programs to achieve goals and create the most remarkable stories that featured donators as the leading characters.

Local Group Community

Act of Kindness Program

We translate the concept of ‘killing with kindness’ into an actionable plan. Contribution to this beneficial program allow communities on lower incomes and tight budgets to receive the help they need to get their lives into check. Donators will directly assist families, teachers, students, and more in driving their potential through an act of kindness.

The program’s purpose is to promote a positive chain of reactions throughout the community, where one good deed infinitely passes on to others in need. You’ll be at the center of it all. Any donation will have a life-changing impact, including:

  • Getting classroom supplies for teachers
  • Giving low-income families gas cards to get to work
  • Planning open community events like picnics to bring social harmony
  • Grocery gift cards to those struggling

Rebuild Program

Our Rebuild Program is an innovative charitable cause that drives those misfortunate to build a better life for themselves. Donators will find themselves at the heart of a program that revolutionizes how we help rebuild lives after facing an endless struggle. Each donation provides resources for people to promote positive change, including paid education, life skill courses, and job placements.

Becoming a donator for the Rebuild Program gives you the status of a pioneer in a cause that seeks better paths for those without the means to learn essential life skills. Deliverance Charities has a plan in place that your donations will see a person follow through with their career ambitions and a network to ensure their success. Examples of the program include:

  • Building financial independence through placements
  • Education to develop new professional skills
  • Enhancing social skills to establish networks
  • Promoting self-determination and motivation
Life Coach Training

We turn small contributions into holistic positive change.

Donate Now

See how your donation makes a difference

Deliverance Charities aren’t a ‘take the money and run’ organization. We want our members to see how their generosity makes the difference laid out in our programs. Find full transparency with where your donations go and their impact on the community. See how your gestures inspire families and individuals worlds apart.

  Get in touch with our community success team for more information.

  Do you want to know more about our programs? Are you interested in donating? Any questions, queries, or concerns you have - we’d love to hear from you. Join our community success team to discuss any donations or questions about Deliverance Charities and get updates.

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